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I've been meticulously removing items from this web site every time I add something in order to keep the site under what I thought was my limit, 100Mbytes. I renewed the site last week and realized the limit was 100Gbytes. In fact the standard site offer was recently upgraded so now the limit is 300Gbytes.

Now I can put video on the site. Here are a few from 2008 that I had previously removed and a few new ones from January 2009.

2008 Videos:

Basketball Practice 2008

Nathaniel's Dance Party

Noelle sings twinkle twinkle

2009 Videos:

The kids - shot with Blackberry

Nolan - shot with Blackberry

Sledding - January 2009

Blue and Gold Weekend

Roar's Birthday (Nick's Webkinz)

Nolan (March 2009)

Joey's Bowling Birthday Party

Nick & Nathaniel swim at the Y

Happy Birthday Colby

Memorial Day 2009

Nick gets a hit

Nolan Climbs on table

Nolan drives tractor

Nolan T's the ball

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