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The 33rd Annual Save The Bay Swim will be held on August 15th, 2009. This will be Mike's 16th consecutive swim!!

The swim consists of a 1.7 mile swim (if you can swim straight) across Narragansett Bay. The swim starts at the US Naval Base in Newport, the swimmers swim parallel to the Newport Bridge and finish in Jamestown. The map below shows the swim course.

The annual swim is a fundraiser for the Save The Bay organization. In order to participate each swimmer needs to raise $300 in pledges. Mike was quite a bit short of this goal for last years swim, so we are starting earlier this year. Hopefully asking a lot of people or companies to donate a little each will be a good strategy. If your reading this, consider yourself asked to help out the cause. Every dollar raised will help. Follow the link below to get the Save the Bay website, they are now set up so that donations can be made on line using a credit card. Of course, checks are always ok too.

Here is a quick rundown of the swim. At the start, there are people everywhere; so many that its hard to swim without bumping someone with every stroke. Two minutes into it, the crowd starts to spread out. After 25 minutes (about the middle for Mike), it almost seems like no one else is out there. Then you end up sprinting it out at the end, trying to finish ahead of the other swimmer who all of a sudden showed up next to you. Most years Mike stands up and realizes that he knows the person he just raced to the finish.

If you would like to help Mike reach his fund raising goal for this years event (Mike would certainly appreciate the help), please follow this link to Mike's "My Swimmer Page" and follow the link on that page to make a donation. If you can help, Mike will certainly appreciate it. Thank You.

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