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Some of the things we heard the kids say are priceless and should be posted, so here they are. Most of the notable quotes seem to come from Nathaniel.

Noelle crying, Mom asks Nathaniel "What happened?"; reply "She bit the red thing in her mouth"; Mom "her tongue?"; Nathaniel "yeah, that"

Nathaniel after filling a cup from a trickle of water out of the faucet "Nick, do you want fast water or slow water?"

Nathaniel on seeing that his little brother Nolan had just spit up "We have a twenty three nineteen, we have a twenty three nineteen" (if you haven't seen Monsters Inc., you won't get this)

Nathaniel  "Sometime Nolan drinks from his bottle and sometimes he likes to drink from the bumps on mommy's tummy"

Noelle referring to anyplace she has been and liked "...I go there again"

Nathaniel looking at little brother Nolan "Everything on Nolan is little, except his head,.....he has a big head"

Nathaniel to Nick, ....both of them in time out "Nick, do you want to be good now?"

10 a.m. on a sunny Sunday morning. Mike just turned off the hallway, kitchen, and dinning room lights thinking "who turned on all of these lights". A few seconds later, Nathaniel walks in and turns them all back on again and in an annoyed voice says "Who keeps turning off all of these lights!!".

"Nick, get your glove and we can play catch", Nick gets his baseball glove, Nathaniel gets his ball (he doesn't have baseball glove yet), Noelle wanting to do whatever her brothers do, comes out of the garage with a whiffle ball and and wearing one Sponge Bob Square Pants gardening glove.

Nathaniel at his first big league ball game, as the first inning comes to and end "Is it over now?"....Nick a few seconds later "Can we go to the gift shop now?"

Nathaniel to Nick about 4 hours after take-off after the announcement to return seat backs to the upright position "Nick, we're getting ready for land-off".

Nathaniel commenting on our trip to California, "Dad, we didn't spend much time at Winter's. We checked out his room for a few minutes and then left."

Nick while watching The Wizard of Oz, the scene where Dorothy is locked in the room with the hour glass; "Why can't she just turn it over?"

Nathaniel, just ready to play against his brother with a new game he got for Christmas, to his sister "Noelle, you get to be in the audience, do you what that means?"; Noelle "No"; Nathaniel "That means you only get to watch".

Dad to Nick, after being asked to help open the walkie-talkies Nick had received that day for the 4th time in two minutes "I have to clean up the table first, it looks like three monkeys just ate here,....did you see three monkeys eating here?"; Nick "I saw Noelle, Nathaniel, and you eating there".

Noelle, the morning of her 3rd birthday, singing her own made up song (you can guess which Christmas Carol it was sung to) "It's my birthday, It's my birthday, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la"

Nathaniel to Nick "I found one of your pokeman cards in the bathroom". Nick "which one?". Nathaniel "The one that you, me, and Noelle brush are teeth in every night".

Niece Bianca to her Uncle Mike "You have a lot of hair on your arms,....like a bear".

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